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Many dishes but only one Passion for fine food.

A contemporary cuisine develops in a sensitive place that harks back to tradition. Research, choice, processing and presentation of products are the goals we have set ourselves. Discover new flavors, create pleasant contrasts, including chromatic aspects, to educate palates. We craft homemade pasta, old recipes in a modern way. New flavors come together in explosions of taste, absolutely to try. The kitchen is ready and available in the preparation of simple dishes that can satisfy even the most skeptical and children, always taking care of the details.





Luca is dedicated to the dining hall. He selects products, which he knows better. In fact he advises his clients best. He grew up in his historic family trattoria in Ceri. He moved at first to Dublin and then to Canary Islands. After coming back to Italy he worked at variuos catering in the best villas in Rome and its province. In the meantime he attended the service school of “Sheraton Golf park de Medici”, where he collaborated in the preparation of buffet, English and Italian food service. Later he became responsible for coffee breaks. For a short time, he attended the “F&B Manager” course, in fact he abandoned it and embarked on the catering route opening his own restsurant “La luna sul cucchiaio”. It is located in the historic center of Civitavecchia.


Lorenzo is in charge of the kitchen. He and his collaborator carefully chosse various products, combinations and presentations of dishes. His dedication and commitment made him an excellent chef, despite his young age. He hates to be called chef, because he knows the road to become a real professional in the sector is still long. But the curiosity and interest in products with intelligence in proposing them make him prepared and on the right track. He is careful in choosing the seasonality of each ingredient, he ranges from homemade pasta, to bread, passing through different types of cooking, according to the chosen product, meat or fish. He tries to transmit his love for this job in every single dish, paying attention to every minimum detail of taste, but also visual.


For every request we are at your disposal.


Piazza Aurelio Saffi 26, 00053 Civitavecchia (Roma)

Tel. 0766.33421 | Mob. 3282370522


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